Woo hoo! One week from today marks the end of the school year!

  • No more rushing through dinner to get the girls bathed and in bed in time to get up for school.
  • No more scrambling to get three people up, de-dreadlocked, and de-morning-breath-ized in the morning.
  • No more interruptions to my girls’ apparently treasured mirror time, when they make faces at themselves, apply copious amounts of lipgloss, practice dance moves, make their hair stick up, and generally do everything they can think of except brush their (damn) teeth!
  • No more bed-time belly aches, headaches, leg aches, or ache-aches.
  • No more checking temperatures in the morning to prove that, yes, they must go to school.

As of next Wednesday afternoon, their daily grooming shall be the responsibility of Cabana Boy! Um, wait, that actually hasn’t worked so well in the past, since Cabana Boy seems to think that a dip in the pool for seven days running passes for bathing. But wait, I’m armed with UltraSwim! The wonder shampoo that actually gets the green out of Sierra’s hair without a need for a plastic cap or a borrowed hair dryer!

Woo hoo! I’m free! Well, almost. Five more school days… and then it’s dreadlocks and morning breath for everyone!!!