I’m wondering how the heck I wound up on not one, but three social networking sites. I mean, I’m really not even that sociable if it’s more than, like, one-on-one. I got on the first one, ummm, what was it called? Shoot, it’ll come to me at an inappropriate time. Anyway, I got on there to leave a comment on Willie Phoenix’s MySpace (that’s the one!) page after running into him several times walking around Clintonville on my lunch hour. (I didn’t believe it was him–he’s not supposed to cut off his trademark dreadlocks!) So I set up a minimal MySpace to leave a comment. (Yeah, I know, I’m a total dweeb.)

Then a former coworker got me on LinkedIn, which is actually professional networking rather than social, so that was cool.

Now with the facebook and the high school class of people that I mostly don’t remember because I was too shy and was really only there for two years–I’m really not sure what to do on that one. But man, do I ever seem sociable now.