I’ve been wondering why I’ve been going brain dead every time I sit down at this computer. Lately I can’t get past looking at the weather or playing a slack-jawed game of Spider. 

I just realized it’s the pink-on-pink stripes and purple lettering of Yummi-Land. And not just Yummi-Land, we also have the huge head with even more ginormous yellow swirly locks and great liquid green eyes of one Miss Amanda Appletina mounted impossibly on a diminutive yellow-and-green clad body. And let’s not forget her pet, Paris Peaches Pug! And a Soda Pop Factory! And rolling hills, and a town composed entirely of candy! And another of what appear to be perfume bottles! Help! My brain is rotting away into a mush of Soda Pop Girls! They’re As Sweet As They Smell!

This is what happens when you allow your seven-year-old to set the wallpaper on the PC. Yes, I’d definitely categorize this as inadvisable.