Well, exactly a week ago, I was sitting in the playshop tent at the All Good Festival deciding whether I was ready to hike back to the RV. I was supposed to be teaching a Kundalini yoga class, but a morning rain combined with a four a.m. ending of the Dark Star Orchestra set the night before saw a lot of people thinking more about packing for the trip home than hiking back up to the village to do yoga in the steamy heat. I was happy with that situation. Cabana Boy and I had gotten back to our RV to the accompaniment of birdsong, so just showing up at the playshop tent at noon was about all I had left in me. It was a pretty good deal for me, teaching one yoga class and showing up to teach a second one in exchange for a free weekend pass plus early entry. Come to think of it, that was nearly $200 bucks for an hour and a half of actual work. Nice!

This year, Keller Williams was my favorite show. Instead of doing his usual one man show using looping, he plays with a different band every year at the All Good. Last year we got to hear bluegrass Keller, which was fun, and this year it was more of a rock band Keller, which was a blast. We have one of his DVDs, Sight, and he’s just such a likeable dude that he could do just about anything and we’d love him.

We usually discover some new band there, and this year was no exception. The most interesting band we saw had to be All Mighty Senators. They played on the Magic Hat stage, which is the thing that makes the All Good so much better than the bigger festivals. More on that later. The thing about All Mighty Senators, aside from musical talent, was that they were so much FUN! Their lead singer drew the audience into their groove, and was totally into the All Good spirit of things with his fuschia silk pajamas, huge white-framed sunglasses, black fedora, and at the end, showed us he was ready for the pajama party by shrugging into his Sponge Bob back pack. I have no idea what songs they did, but they were all fun and drew people in. A lot of us were just hanging out after the Grace Potter & the Nocturnals show, and some were waiting for Medeski Scofield Martin & Wood, but I think all of us had a good time.

Grace Potter was strong and soulful, as usual, but this time she showed her temper too. She was in the middle of pouring her heart out into an a capella song when a stage tech on the Magic Hat stage decided to do a sound check on the drums that went on and on and ON, to the point that half the audience was looking over there, distracted. Grace sang louder and harder, but still the drums kept on, and not even in rhythm with what she was doing. She finally punctuated her song with a mighty hurl of her tambourine in the general direction of the Magic Hat stage that had the audience roaring in support. Someone must have stopped the clueless stage tech at that point, but Grace stayed angry (naturally) through the end of the song, which was Nothing But the Water. She apparently hadn’t gotten past it yet though, because she had her whole band join their drummer in “our own drum solo.” That was kinda fun, but she never did seem to let it go, which is what the All Good Festival is all about. Anger really has no place there, which is why we love it so much.

Peace, love, and hippie stuff.

Well, I could write for a week about the All Good, but I’ve got a bored daughter with no one to play with, so I’m going to play. To be continued…