Ever since I wrote the post entitled “Someone Saved My Life Last Night,” I’ve had the similarly named Elton John song going through my head, pretty much non-stop. I seem to have a problem with earwigs. I love that song, and although it is vastly preferable to having a Hannah Montana song in there, it still is a bit much when it’s been there every waking hour for several days.

I just remembered what someone at TechSkills, back when Aja was a baby, came up with as the perfect antidote song: Brown Eyed Girl. And it works! It dislodges the earwig, and then goes away peacefully! Yay!

Do you remember when
We used to sing
Sha la la la la la la la la la la di da
Youuuu mah, brown eyed girl!

Or something like that… (actually more like this.)