So yeah, I got laid off last week. You know how in The Secret they say that you get whatever it is you’re putting the most focus on? Like whether it’s really what you want or not? Well, I was focusing quite a lot of my energy on “jeez I wish I had some time off with pay.” Hmm, guess I didn’t specify “but not severance pay.”

Oh well, I’ll find something. Hint to job seekers: Don’t bother driving yourself nuts digging through the jobs on Monster and Dice. Just drive yourself nuts wading through all the screens you have to fill out to make your resume public on there (and when they freeze up, just go to the other one until the frozen one decides to cooperate) and let the recruiters contact you about the much yummier jobs that they’re keeping secret. Within 24 hours, you’ll start getting calls that begin with “I found your resume on Monster (or Dice)…”

All right, this all feels like recycled words, because I’ve already said variations of this stuff in emails. Enough already!