My extremely cool and extraordinarily geeky ex-coworkers have become my current (if temporary) coworkers once again, and I must say that it feels good to be back. I’m sure they totally appreciate having a blonde around again to make them feel even smarter. Yes, I forgot that the one single email I got regarding my new work there contained all the passwords I need and had to have my hand held to get set up. Yes, I gave my old username permissions instead of my new username (got my old laptop back even!), and spent half a day struggling to install software updates and having to log in and out of the different user accounts to get access. But by yesterday afternoon, I was back to work on the latest incarnation of the product I cut my geeky teeth on, and loving and appreciating the hell out of it. YES! Geekiness! I was so starved for geeky goodness with all those end user docs! I even got to watch them have math club at the end of the day! Ah, the nostalgic scent of neurons firing around the kitchen table!

Thank you ever so much, Mr. TrailHacker, sir, for advertising my availability in there. And congratulations on your new gig!