I’ve been kind of busy and not so blogginy since we got back, but we took a mini-vaycay to the Washington, DC area. We stayed with my cousin, ErinSlick, who generously shared her nearly empty nest with us. Her Hannah was still there though, and our girls had a ball with her. They were able to compare and share all their tweenish interests, including the breathlessly anticipated HSM3 and cartwheelability.

We got there late Wednesday night, and enjoyed Erin’s comfortable hospitality (although she was completely remiss in not providing a wig brush or any of the other brushes mentioned in her Victorian guide), then took advantage of her laid-offness and tour-guidability on Thursday. We planned to meet our other cousin, Veronica (aka the school teacher who made Erin sick) at 4pm, and Cabana Boy and the offspring slept late, so we did the Clark Griswold tour of the sidewalk in front of the White House, the monument and as many of the memorials as we could cram into a couple of hours. Many pictures languish in my camera.

Thursday evening, after Sierra, Aja, and Hannah swarmed tiny, overwhelmed, one-year-old Jaya until her daddy got home from work, we all went to Minerva, an Indian restaurant and enjoyed the most scrumptious Indian food I’ve ever had. Of course my offspring ate only white rice and nan.

That night, I had every intention of playing Rock Band with them, but I totally fell asleep on Erin’s comfy couch and missed out.

Friday, with all of the free museums just waiting to open their glories to us, and with Erin just waiting to guide us to our choice of mind-opening experiences, I made the mistake of letting the kids decide what we should do. After all, this was our last-ditch guilty-parents-who-failed-to-take-the-kids-on-vacation-ALL-SUMMER trip. So what do my darling offspring feel would be the best use of this precious time? Half a day spent in Target’s toy aisle (that’d be Aja) and traipsing around various stores to find Sierra a bathing suit (she’d forgotten hers) so that we could go swimming. I mean, it’s not like we have a pool in our back yard or anything… Still, they had never jumped off diving boards before, or been in water 11 feet deep. I have to say that I did get a rush when Aja first jumped in and I saw how deep she went–I totally relived my first experience like that. Sort of frightening but totally exhilarating.

That night, while David and the girls ate pizza, Erin and I enjoyed the best Thai food I’ve ever had. (I would be even fatter if I lived there.) Erin’s hubby came home before we left, so we got in a decent (if brief) visit with him before we hit the road for an all-night drive home.

So there you have it. We went, we saw (quickly), we shopped, we swam. And we visited, but it was wayyy too short.