Since my last post was so choppy and all over the place, here’s a slightly more cohesive copy and paste from an email to a friend:

Have you listened to Obama speak? I like him not because of his color or his religion or his age or anything superficial like that. I like him because of his brain. Just listen to the intelligence pouring out of his mouth and watch the sincerity in his eyes! I like him because he speaks from the heart, like John F. Kennedy did.

I like him because he will heal the breaks between us and the rest of the world that ol’ John Wayne Bush didn’t give a shit about. His speech in Berlin showed me that he can do that–he can heal the wounds inflicted by Bush over the past 8 years.

I say “No thank you” to “four more years” of Bush Lite. I say lets put in a man with a brain and some integrity. A man still going strong with his original wife, if family values are truly important to people. A man who thinks education should get a bigger slice of the American pie, and war should get a smaller slice. (Incidentally, that was what I didn’t like about Hillary. I was afraid that to overcompensate for being “the weaker sex,” she’d keep up the war machine just to prove she was “tough.”)