Sometimes I can’t believe it when people don’t do things in the way that I think is so obvious.

One such thing: when our can’t-be-ex-soon-enough-president sent all of our bright and shiny young men to bomb the hearts and minds out of the Iraqi people, and left them all sitting on a big pile of rubble that used to be their infrastructure, and then told us that paying to rebuild it all was the right thing to do, well, who could say no to that? I mean, look at those poor broken people–we’re just going to leave them like that? So we said yes! Rebuild their infrastructure! It’s the least we can do!

So I thought, yes, we will send them the money to rebuild, and they will be busy for a while. They’ll be rebuilding their infrastructure, and they’ll all be working, taking home food for their children, rebuilding their roads and their electric companies and their waste treatment facilities, replacing their bomb-damaged public works, too busy and too happy with the nice new facilities they’ll be taking such pride in building to have time for anything other than work and home and family and buying food and stuff. Too busy to bother thinking about bombing some American hearts and minds in return.

So then I heard that the king of the cronies was giving all those jobs to his good ol’ boys, and paying them wayyy more than necessary to do them. And “losing” a bunch of money in the process. “Oops! $9 million? Umm, gee, I dunno what happened to it!” And when those good ol’ boys went to do all those jobs, and grab all that cash, well, those poor broken Iraqi people sitting on their pile of rubble with nothing better to do than watch the good ol’ boys must not have realized that the good ol’ boys were taking all the money “for the good of the Iraqi people.” Because then those poor broken people with no jobs and no electricity and no running water started grabbing their rubble and throwing it at the good ol’ boys. They started surging in. What else were they gonna do? Sit around and applaud?

So is it just that the repugnanticans didn’t know that the Iraqi people already knew how to rebuild their own infrastructure? Was it that they didn’t know that the Iraqi people didn’t have any jobs to go to because we bombed the shit out of everything in sight, and that they just might kind of like to have a say in the rebuilding? Were they really that stupid? Or was it that they were blinded by the shiny shiny money? Or were they just plain evil? Planning all along to line each other’s pockets with the guilt money of the American people?

And now the good ol’ boys lost a bunch of money gamblin. Who’s gonna bail em out? Ah, but of course! One last massive and sustained squeeze on the teat of the cash cow before the cronie king bows out. Jesus.

Wake me up when Obama’s president. He’s got a heart and a mind, and isn’t afraid to use either one. Bet he woulda done it my way. Too bad all he’ll have left to work with is a dried-out old husk of a cow and a whole lotta pissed-off Iraqis.