October 2008

Aja told my mom “I think God’s wife should be named Julia. Don’t you?”

Cabana Boy was just telling Dad how McCain lost the Florida retiree vote with his announcement that he’d like to cut Medicare by a gazillion dollars when he thought of this in relation to the economic crap that’s thankfully not affecting us with our non-investing selves.

Can you imagine if Bush had been able to privatize social security like he wanted to? It would be gone.

Sierra: Austin’s father’s in the war.
Me: Aw, poor boo.
Sierra: He didn’t die yet.

I guess that would have been the moment to reassure her that maybe he’d come back unharmed, but I just didn’t have any words after that.

Sissy, all Pumpkin does is meow about herself.

She even says “nucular!”