Just a quick note for people thinking of trying Chantix. I realize that it doesn’t work for everyone, but it really worked for me. I didn’t even want to quit smoking, and figured I never would. I was a hardcore smoker, but after a couple of weeks of taking Chantix and not even trying to quit smoking, I actually started forgetting to smoke. Forgetting! It was huge!

When I went to work without cigarettes for the first time, it was a little scary, but then I realized how FREE I was! I didn’t have to worry about carrying them around, buying them, finding a place to smoke them, finding a way to get rid of the smell of them (nothing works, by the way).

Over three and a half years later, I am thrilled that I grabbed the opportunity to hold onto that freedom by never allowing myself to ever again “just have one.”

I’m so grateful that it worked for me!