I’ve been wondering why I’ve been going brain dead every time I sit down at this computer. Lately I can’t get past looking at the weather or playing a slack-jawed game of Spider. 

I just realized it’s the pink-on-pink stripes and purple lettering of Yummi-Land. And not just Yummi-Land, we also have the huge head with even more ginormous yellow swirly locks and great liquid green eyes of one Miss Amanda Appletina mounted impossibly on a diminutive yellow-and-green clad body. And let’s not forget her pet, Paris Peaches Pug! And a Soda Pop Factory! And rolling hills, and a town composed entirely of candy! And another of what appear to be perfume bottles! Help! My brain is rotting away into a mush of Soda Pop Girls! They’re As Sweet As They Smell!

This is what happens when you allow your seven-year-old to set the wallpaper on the PC. Yes, I’d definitely categorize this as inadvisable.

Note to self: Unless your goal is to provide your eight-year-old with a healthy dose of morning hilarity, it is not advisable to slather your poor dried-up feet with lotion immediately prior to slipping on your wedge-heeled sandals. Yes, it is important to hydrate those tootsies so that they won’t look nasty in said sandals, but let’s just do that at bed time from now on, ‘kay?

Why is this inadvisable exactly? Well, self, just so you won’t forget, those lovely wedge heels that look kind of dressy but are quite comfy and slip on quickly and support your foot with nary a wobble, when slipped onto a well-lubricated foot become a luge through which said well-lubed tootsie slips, with the apparent goal of wearing it around the ankle. Now try walking. Mm hmm.

You’re welcome, Sierra. I’m glad you had so much fun seeing mommy off to work this morning.