At dinner last night we were down a kid. Sierra, our big girl, was sleeping over at a friend’s, so Aja got Mommy and Daddy’s undivided attention. She was prattling on about tomatoes being fruit, and how most people don’t grow fruit in their gardens. I told her that we did–we have a good crop of strawberries setting up right now, next to her sandbox. David said “At least until the bunnies get them we do.”

Aja looked thoughtful for a couple of seconds and then, so sweet it was all I could do not to dump her on my waffles, came out with “Well, I want them to be for the bunnies, because they’re always out there looking looking looking for food and it’s  really hard for them to find food so I want to give them our strawberries.”

I love to watch how her face goes from goofy seven-year-old to ageless sweetness and light. As a goofy seven-year-old, she’s likely to have her cheeks sucked in and clamped between her teeth, green eyes crossed, and emit some of the most heinous noises. Then suddenly, it’s as if an angelic light washes over her, and she glows with it, her dimples demure, a gentle goodness radiating from her eyes, the sprinkling of freckles across her nose adding a certain poignancy… And then I’m lost. All I can say is, thank God her front teeth have grown in, because when those were missing, her cuteness factor was nearly unbearable.

Of course, we’re never in that much danger of losing it over the ol’ sweetness and light version, because inevitably goofy kicks in with a fart joke and we’re saved.