Okay, I was a weirdo when the girls were babies (NO I’m not a weirdo now!) and tasted their baby food before I fed it to them. If it was nasty, I’d let them try it in case their tastebuds were different than mine, but would mostly pitch it and never get it again. One such item was babyfood bananas. BLECH! They’re sour! That’s just not natural!

So I was thinking, how hard can it be to smash up bananas myself? And I found this awesome tip on the internet: smash them up and freeze them in an ice cube tray, dump them in a ziplock, and you’ve got single serving sized cubes! I only had to do it like once every week or two, and it only took a couple of minutes, and then they were always on hand. I’d nuke them in a little Japanese tea cup and then cool them down with rice baby cereal and some formula, and that stuff was good! I’d even eat it!

In general, slacker mom describes me better than domestic goddess, but man, I felt pretty good about those banana cubes after the first couple of times I unintentionally made someone else feel like a slacker mom in comparison with my Banana Mashing So NOT Slacker Mommy self! And then I’d do the Church Lady Superior Dance and try to get over myself.